Signs that Your Spouse May be Cheating on You

alcopm-cheating-spouse-signs-to-investigateLove is such a special feeling, it is the special bond that connects two individuals and makes them complete. Love is an emotion that lifts up your spirit when you’re feeling down, and it is the reason why you wake up every single day with a bright smile on your face.

Being in love and being loved are two different things. You do know the feeling of being in love, right? It’s like you cannot eat even when you have your favorite meal in front of you. You cannot sleep at night, and all you think about is that person. How about being loved? Well, being loved by the person you love is one of the best feelings in the world. That person is your motivation to do anything and everything. You’ll do and endure anything to see the person you love, happy. Love is the main reason why you want to marry and be with that person for the rest of your life.

Love shouldn’t feel like this…

But while you’re doing all the best you can, you don’t seem to receive the same effort from your partner. There are certain reasons why they stopped doing what they were doing before you got married, and because of that, certain things gets on your mind like is he cheating on me? You want to know the truth, but how can you tell whether he is indeed cheating on you?

Well, you can actually look for signs. Check out these signs that you almost never notice.

He Takes His Phone Anywhere He Goes

During your early years together, even before you got married, he always talks on his phone in front of you, may it be with family, friends or even with his job. But now, he oftentimes checks his phone out for messages or missed calls and when does receive a phone call, he talks in private. Isn’t that doubtful?

He Works Longer Hours, and Even Works Overtime on Weekends

Now that’s pretty doubtful. He doesn’t have enough time for you and your family. He’s always busy at work, or always renders overtime work which he doesn’t usually do before. You’ve lived a good life before, without the long hours of work and the overtime, why now?

He Suddenly Cares about How He Looks

I know for women it’s a necessity to look great every time, but, if you put together the first two along with this, now you should really start to doubt that there might be something fishy going on here. And yes, it applies to men too. Back then he usually grabs the first thing in the closet but now he takes too much time dressing up.

No More Hello and Goodbye Kisses

Back then he just can’t get his hands off you, but now? Hello and goodbye kisses are seldom given and, sometimes not at all.

Coming Home Late at Night

Though this usually happens or those couples who have agreed to having alone time to go out with friends once every week but, coming home late every night is a very different thing. You might want to start checking his phone while he’s asleep like a log.

He’s Always Tired When You Want a Sexy Time

During the early stages of your life together and even after you were already married, he always had the time and the energy to make love to you, but now, he doesn’t seem to initiate the sexy time he always craves every time he sees you.

This last one goes to women. LADIES, YOUR INTUITION IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Women! Never underestimate the power of your intuition! It is your biggest weapon. When your gut is telling you something, better believe it, because it is almost, always true!

These are just a few tell-tale signs that your partner is cheating. Also keep in mind that not only do women have an intuition, men have too, it’s what you call “gut feeling.” Never, ever ignore that. Now that you get things straight and you’ve noticed these signs on your partner, it’s time to do something.

You vowed that you’ll be together no matter what, meaning nothing and no one can tear you apart. You vowed to each other that you are to love and to hold, in sickness and in health until “death do you part.” As a married couple, you should talk about it. Communication is the key to a lasting relationship. You should let your partner know whether you’re happy, sad, and sick or anything that goes in your mind. Let them know how and what you feel, to save the love and the relationship you have.

But if he denies it, and if you really want to prove that you’re not making things up, you can hire a private investigator with the right qualifications to follow your partner around. Take pictures and keep track of where he goes and what he’s doing all day. You can also conduct computer forensic investigations; a service that allows you to spy on your spouse and determine if he’s indeed faithful. Only then will you determine whether or not your partner is cheating on you. And then you can decide the course to take next.